Solving the Challenge of Volunteer Coordination

And why enterprise software is not the best answer
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Volunteers are the most valuable resources for nonprofit communities and organizations. Faced with frequent volunteer changes and the need to remotely keep everyone informed, it is no surprise that organizing and coordinating volunteers is one of the most time-consuming and challenging aspects of running a nonprofit.

We often see nonprofits trying to solve their volunteer collaboration needs with a hodge podge of enterprise team communication and productivity tools, only to find that:

  1. Onboarding and managing every volunteer for multiple apps is too much work
  2. Requiring volunteers to learn how to use different apps is not practical
  3. With information and actions scattered across different apps, you quickly lose track of the status of information shared and of arrangements made

These problems are expected, after all enterprise tools are designed for companies and employees, not for nonprofits and volunteers, which involve a unique set of working dynamics and needs.

BuddyDo is designed for nonprofits large and small. It simplifies volunteer organization and coordination for nonprofits with a convenient all-in-one app as well as web access from PC. With BuddyDo, running a nonprofit becomes quick and easy.

  • Organize volunteers with flexible groups
  • Make community wide announcements or post information to individual groups
  • Know who you have reached for every information posted
  • Work together with shared tasks
  • Plan group events
  • Collect feedback and making group decisions
  • Securely share files and photos

Simplify volunteer coordination with BuddyDo.
BuddyDo, your best NPO/NGO partner.